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Vitamin C facial Oil

Vitamin C facial Oil

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Turmeric and vitamin C facial oil light weight and easily absorbed, leaves your skin with a smooth natural glow.

turmeric benefits for healthy, spotless skin · #1: Treats acne · #2: Banishes dark circles · #3: Lightens scars pe and marks . #4: Moisturises dry skin . #5: Prevents early signs of aging. #6: Reduces the appearance of stretch marks. #7: Fights off severe skin conditions.  Removes Toxins and Impurities from the Skin. Treats Eczema, Acne Improves Skin Tone and Reduce Pigmentation

 vitamin C is an antioxidants which will help protect your skin against free radicals (these are responsible for illness and aging. Rejuvenates Your Skin, Treats Dark Spots, Soothe Acne , Helps Remove Dead Skin and we’ll known for its anti-aging effects. 

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